What is an


The RV-14A is the latest in a full line of amateur-built aircraft kits produced by Van's Aircraft. Van's Aircraft has been producing kitplanes for nearly fifty years.

Why Experimental?

An Experimental is a unique way to own and operate an airplane, but many question why someone would spend years on a project. The construction process alone is a journey outside of the eventual joy of flying it. Maintenance is a large part of owning any type of airplane. Being the builder of a kitplane also allows one with the ability to maintain it, eliminating this large cost when compared to traditional light airplanes. In many cases one can build and operate an experimental airplane for much cheaper than the common factory built certified airplanes.

What is a kitplane?

kitplane, as they are sometimes called, is an amateur-built aircraft constructed by an individual and licensed by the FAA for recreational purpose. Once airworthy, the aircraft is registered as "Experimental".

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