4.9L Inline Six

E40D Automatic

2 Wheel Drive

Second Owner

Oklahoma Since New


Various items throughout the truck were replaced with new OE parts to restore overall quality.


In September 2020 the engine was removed and the overhaul process started. The powertrain control module also received new capacitors and the fuel injectors were cleaned and flow tested. 


All parts replaced with OE Motorcraft or upgraded components to include pivot bushings, radius arm bushings, ball joints, coil springs, and shocks.


The steering system received a refurbishment to include a Motorcraft pump, hoses, and tie rod components.


Replacement leaf spring bushings, shackles, and Motorcraft shocks were added to bring the rear suspension back into proper function.


The differential was drained and both axles removed to replace the outer bearings. Fresh 75W-140 gear axle completed the rear axle service.


The braking system received a complete renewal with rotors, drums, wheel cylinders, pads, shoes, and flexible brake hoses. This was topped off with a fluid flush on the entire system.

The E4OD transmission was removed during engine removal and overhauled to provide for a completely refurbished drivetrain.


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