Born and raised in central Oklahoma, I became interested in flying when I was gifted a radio control model as a teenager. A few years later, in 2005, I was given my first ride in an airplane as part of the EAA Young Eagles program. Training in a Cessna 150, I received my private pilot certificate in 2008. For the next six years I enjoyed flying small airplanes in my spare time. In 2014 I completed training and certification for a commercial certificate and the hobby and career aspects merged. From a three-day cross-country trip in a Cub to flying hundreds of passengers each day as an airline pilot, I have enjoyed the many scenic routes aviation has taken me on. Today, I fly for a corporation while still enjoying the intimacy of flying small general aviation airplanes. In building my own airplane, I look forward to utilizing it for work commutes, weekend trips, vacations, and the much needed therapy that comes from being in the sky and freed from the earth. Follow along here as I document a small portion of what is involved in constructing N825TC, a Van's RV-14A.

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